Parallel Analog Ensemble transforms deterministic predictions to ensemble forecasts. It is written in C++ and R.

  • target Accurate Ensembles
  • 🕖 Fast computation
  • 📊 Functions for verification and visualization
  • 📖 Opensource
  • 🔧 Active development and maintenance


To install/update to the latest version of RAnEn, please use the following commands:

# RAnEn depends on Rcpp and BH. Install dependencies.
install.packages(c('Rcpp', 'BH'))

# Install RAnEn
install.packages("https://github.com/Weiming-Hu/AnalogsEnsemble/raw/master/RAnalogs/releases/RAnEn_latest.tar.gz", repos = NULL)

To download the PAnEn C++ package, please use the following command:

wget https://github.com/Weiming-Hu/AnalogsEnsemble/archive/master.zip

For more installation options, please refer to the documentation.


Need help starting? Check out our tutorials here.

Tired of setting up the environment? Use this interactive R session from Binder. Examples are inside RAnalogs/examples.

Still having problems? You are always covered. Please contact us and we are happy to help.

Contact us

Weiming Hu is the main developer and maintainer of PAnEn. Please feel free to contact Weiming or GEOLab @ Penn State. We are ...!