Building AnEn on NCAR Cheyenne


This short tutorial walks you through the steps of building the AnEn C++ program on NCAR Cheyenne Supercomputers.

Building AnEn

Several things to be noted before we carry on:

  • Most of the dependencies are already available on Cheyenne, so I’m going to load them directly. Boost, however, is not available, so I tell cmake to build it for me.
  • I will be installing PAnEn into a user space folder after the successful building. You can change the argument CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.
  • Notice the argument CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH. This is needed because the modules are not in system path. When we install programs, cmake by default removes build-time run path, so we need to specify the run-time path for install and where the executable should be looking for libraries.
# Download the source files

# Unzip the tarball

# Go to the source folder
cd AnalogEnsemble-master

# Clean modules
module purge

# Load required modules
module load gnu/9.1.0 netcdf/4.7.3 ncarenv/1.3 cmake/3.16.4 eccodes/2.12.5

# Carry an out-of-tree build
mkdir build
cd build

# Generate build system

# Build
make -j 16

# Test
make test

# Instal
make install

# Show help message
cd ../../release/bin

If you log out and log back in, you need to at least load the GNU module for anen to work.

module load gnu/9.1.0

If you encountered any problems, please open a ticket here.